Ping anser driver distance comparison

I was able to shape shots fades, draws, high and low were possible with this driver. Ping hybrids g410 hybrid our firstever adjustable hybrid allows you to customize your ball flight eight different ways through more loft and lie combinations for consistently better results. I have only found 2 that went onto my hands and were keepers immediately. In the last month or so, we have been getting numerous requests asking for advice on what golf clubs are the best for senior golfers, golfers over 50. I went with the heaviest weight and lowest launching shaft because ive typically found plenty of launch with previous ping drivers. While there have been options such as the anser driver or the short lived k series, most of ping s products are either part of the i series or g series. Accuracy and spin as a group, our testers missed the center line by an average of 14. From golf magazine clubtest 20 march 20 ping anser driver category.

Subscribe to meandmygolf to see more professional golf. The anser driver allows players to adjust loft by plus or minus a half degree to optimize your launch angle and spin rate. It produces distances to compete with other top drivers currently on the market. Went from a k15 ping driver to the ping anser, the original shaft aldila nv shaft was to stiff for my swing but after changing to a grafalloy pro launch blue shaft the club produces nice straight shot s with a very nice ball flight. Good solid club with low spin rate that produces more consistant shots. Ping g400 v ping g v ping g30 driver comparison golfsty. Todays comparison is between the ping g30 driver and the ping g25 driver. Distance is very consistent and the sound inspires confidence.

Make no mistake, though, the new ping g400 driver and woods are more than a fond trip down nostalgia lane. Traditional shaped 460cc clubhead is cast with variable wall thickness from ti 811, a light weight, low density titanium. Question of buying used ping driver g30 vs anser clubs. The anser driver delivers a lower spinning flight than the i20, but launches the ball higher so, in theory, you should get more distance. I found 2 deals on used ping drivers on craigslist. Titleist is the choice of equipment on the pga tour. I would recommend this driver for golfers at any level. The variablethickness face helps generate incredible ball velocity, while the external sole weighting positions the cg low and raises the moi providing a midhigh launch that adds to distance and forgiveness. From the pioneering anser putter to the eye 2 irons and g2 driver, we list some of our favourite clubs through the years 10 best ping clubs of all time anser putter. The driver shaft is not an easy battle to win, there are some great shafts out there and ones that have played very well for me, but the distance and accuracy of the hzrdus were just too hard to beat. Taylormade r1 vs ping anser driver longest drive test rick shiels pga golf coach tests the taylormade r1 driver against the ping anser driver using. In this article we will specifically address what are the best golf drivers for senior golfers and for swing speeds less than 110 mph. By adding loft, the face angle closes, when subtracting loft, the face angle opens. As the name implies, the ping answer driver will answer you when ever you need it, this is a highly forged club with the best of technology crafted to offer you optimum flight and better speed and distance gain and control.

Miles of golf conducted a product comparison of the new ping anser driver against the ping g20 using players of various swing speeds. Longest drive comp taylormade r1 vs ping anser driver. They have the ahina, the rip and the blur shafts available for the new anser if i remember right and their stock shaft the tfc 700something, which really is a pretty darn good shaft compared to some. Taylormade r1 vs ping anser driver longest drive test rick shiels pga. The anser driver sits neatly between the two in terms of both looks and performance. Lee westwood thought it was so good, ping had to wrestle it out of his hands after two generations of ping drivers passed him by. Im wondering if its worth the investment to buy the g30 at this time cuz usually the price goes down fast after season, or i should go with the anser. Its 460cc titanium head is longer front to back and features ping s patented ultra. Gauge design g2mill putters with custom color paint fills. I was never a fan of the head shape of the ping g15 but after looking at the upgraded g25 i have to say ping has made a forgiving driver that doesnt look like a robotic pancake. Forgiveness the ping g20 offers incredible forgiveness, but.

Every golfwrx member gained yardage with a new taylormade driver. Ping has followed up the mightily impressive g20 with its first ever adjustable driver, the anser. The most noticeable feature of the g30 driver, both visually and. In the last year and a half i have had an adams super ls driver hot club, a cleveland custom driver, a ping i25 driver, and the taylormade sldr driver. At times i hit all of these well but not consistently. I actually like it so much im getting another for my m2 driver as well. Ive tried camerons too harsh, maybe the gss would be o. I work as a pro and ive tried everything any company is willing to throw at me. They managed this and came up with ping s adjustbale hosel that weighs the same as the previous. Best golf drivers for distance and accuracy in 2020. Nicholas davoine assistant professional at lake karrinyup country club will see if the g400 leaves the g30 and g driver in its wake. With adjustable drivers becoming an even more common trend in the golf market. This holdover from 20 matches up well with newer models in terms of distance and direction.

From researching online, the taylormade tool bit is slightly larger compared to cobra. In short, the ping g400 line is a morethanworthy nextgeneration release from ping. The ping anser driver and my g25 3 wood w a ust shaft in it. Each player hit the same loft driver using a g20 and an anser and ball flight variables were gathered using trackman, a dopplerbased ball flight monitor. Today, ping is synonymous with innovation, quality and service in. Pga golf professional andy proudman looks at the ping anser adjustable driver. The ping anser driver comes available with 4 stock shafts, which i think is awesome, better than other companies offer stock. When ping added adjustability to the anser driver, the designers were under strict instructions not to change the shape or internal dynamics of the head. I am 76 year old and l have lost a lot of distance, particularly with my driver. Its for faster swing speeds, very low torque and i think, only comes stiff or x. Increases ball speed and reduces spin for extra distance. The project x hzrdus black won the game spot in my ping g ls driver.

What are the best golf club driver ping driver for men today. I think the i20 driver has greater feel, but its not in the same area code when distance is the conversation. The weighting of the club head optimizes it for a mid to highlaunch, but the adjustable loft allows players to tune their trajectory up or down as the shot. I cant see a reason for changing as the darn thing still feels good and seems to do the. Because the g10 and g400 launch very similarly launch and backspin virtually identical our data gives a great idea how much more efficient head technology has become. Ping is a familyowned company founded in 1959 in the garage of karsten solheim.

Ping have added adjustability the the g25 driver for the first time and this is a good thing. The driver provides the most distance of any golf club in the bag or, perhaps more accurately, potential distance. The ping g30 driver is the 7 th generation of a line that started with the ping g2 driver six years ago. Anser has a deeper face, which i prefer and is a slightly lower spinning head. Thanks to the brands trajectory tuning technology, you can finetune the club to match your. The ping seems a great balance of distance and forgiveness with. Ive been playing this driver for 4 years and its still the best one out of the bunch. After teasing you with the longest driver of 20, and the most accurate driver of 20, its time to reveal mygolfspys most wanted driver of 20. The 5 best golf sport club driver for men ping drivers 2020. Forgiveness the ping g20 offers incredible forgiveness, but without the streamline looks or workability of the i20. Overall, the ping anser driver produced slightly above average distance numbers across the board, and well above average numbers for 2 of our testers. I have a set of ping anser forged irons i bought last year. Big distance and a towering trajectory are generated by this sleek players design featuring a forged face and metalwoodlike construction.

Carry distance with the driver is right at 220 yds. With its lowspin head, the anser driver represents a fully optimized design solution that generates ideal trajectories for maximizing distance. Trajectory tuning technology allows you to hone in your launch angle and spin rate to increase distance. New and cheap drivers from top brands like callaway, taylormade, and wilson, to name a few. The ping anser driver has given me some more distance and accuracy. Description the g15 driver is engineered for golfers seeking a maximum forgiveness driver that delivers distance and accuracy. The ping anser driver offers a nice allaround blend of distance, feel and forgiveness, with the added benefit of adjustable loft angles that allow you to finetune your shot trajectory. The g has already been added to the bags of ping staffers bubba.

Ping you pretty much have to order it from ping wrx or they may not honor the warranty on the driver if someone else installed a shaft. Karstens frustration with his putting inspired him to design a putter, which made a pinging sound when striking a golf ball. The ping anser driver features trajectory tuning technology which allows the player to add or subtract the loft in 12 degree increments. Longest drive comp taylormade r1 vs ping anser driver youtube. I think when the weather gets better and things dry out a bit with the ball flight this. These clubs are packed full of new technology that not only enhances sound and feel, but adds distance and accuracy in comparison to the ping g. To me it has a smaller, more traditional look when standing over it than the i25. My ping isi with a 44 graffaloy prolite is the best driver ive ever hit.

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