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Characterizing and exploiting the clear fork shale near. The cline shale, an organic rich mudrock comprising the canyon and cisco groups in the midland basin, has recently become an exploration target and production interval. Adapted from southwest section 2015 keynote speaker oral presentation given at aapg. Only outcropping rocks of middle pennsylvanian to early permian age are considered in this study.

Developing conventional reservoirs unconventionally or otherwise louis j. Energy information administration permian basin, part 1 i. Note the man standing in front of the formation, for scale. The cline shale in the permian basin is an emerging shale play in fisher, nolan, sterling, coke, glasscock, tom green, howard, mitchell, borden and scurry counties, running approximately 140 miles north to south and about 70 miles wide at its widest point.

Cline shale central online guide to the cline shale. Assessment of shaleoil resources of the central sumatra basin. Permian basin overview maps geology counties shale experts. Purchase of an sem for the school of geology and geophysics. The lofty projections of the cline shales potential, located in west texas on the eastern side of the permian basin, were extrapolated from information presented by devon energy to financial analysts.

Geological resource analysis of shale gas and shale oil in europe. In structural geology, an anticline is a type of fold that is an archlike shape and has its oldest beds at its core. Shale gas exploitation has been made possible through a combination of horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing to release natural gas trapped in tight rock formations. The basinal cline shale is bounded by the eastern shelf to the east, the central basin platform to the west, the ozona arch to the southwest and horseshoe atoll to the north. The maps were created for the lower cline, middle cline, and upper cline, three distinct units within the cline shale. Basically, it is natural gas primarily methane found in shale formations, some of which were formed 300millionto400million years ago during the devonian period of earths history. Initial estimates indicate the cline holds more that 30 billion barrels of recoverable oil, exceeding both the bakken shale in north dakota and. High performance waterbased drilling fluid for horizontal well drilling of the cline shale in the permian basin summary this high performance waterbased drilling fluid provided the solution to potential problems often encountered drilling the cline shale and proved that water based drilling fluid is competitive to oil based drilling fluids in. Developing conventional reservoirs unconventionally. Lower salinity waters 3 km depth, which plot near the modern local meteoric water line, are distinct from the water in overlying reservoirs. Wolfcamp a d note wolfcamp d has been called the cline shale. An integrated corebased dataset was also used to glean relationships between mineralogy, porosity, permeability, organic content, thermal maturity. In his latest report, powell identified 87 candidate producing wells that he believes are horizontal cline shale or wolfcamp wells. Wolfcamp and cline shales, as well as adjacent reservoirs.

Pdf georgia, a country with plenty of oil seeps and leaks, stretches from. High performance waterbased drilling fluid for horizontal. Using a geologybased assessment methodology, the u. Permian basin map of operators pdf, gisshapefiles, and wall maps. Forotheruses,see rocksdisambiguationandstonedisambiguation. A typical anticline is convex up in which the hinge or crest is the location where the curvature is. Now, the cline shale is sparking excitement on the permian basins eastern flank. Us shale oil dynamics in a low price environment 1 1. Introduction the surge in crude oil production in the us, rising from 5 million barrels a day mbd in 2008 to over 9. Avcharacterizing and exploiting the clear fork shale near the midland basin margin in eastern andrews county, texas paul s. The elm coulee was proven economic in 2003 and operators began expanding into north dakota after eogs parshall discovery in 2006.

According to nikki morris, senior geologist at firewheel energy llc of midland, deltaic and pelagic ma rine deposition occurred along a penn sylvanian shelf located where presentday nolan and coke counties are now situated. Geologic studies of the basin are numerous, given its long history in oil and gas production frenzel et al. The cline is a small part of the greater wolfcamp shale formation. Why the delaware basin ranks top amongst us tight oil. Exploration of cline shale moving forward the sweetwater. Sedimentology and reservoir characterization of the upper. Pdf quartz types in the upper pennsylvanian organic. In this weeks oilgram news column, new frontiers, starr spencer talks about the quick riseand sort of fallof the cline shale in west texas when the cline shale first moved into the public eye a couple of years ago, the west texas play quickly set aflame industrys imagination of a saudi arabialike reservoir that would provide tens of billions of barrels of crude for the oil. S geological survey estimated means of 459 million barrels of shale oil, 275 billion. The cline shale an emerging unconventional resource play on the eastern flank of the midland basin that runs 140 miles north to south and is 70 miles wide.

Kimmeridge 2015 the best of the best 1 the best of the best why the delaware basin ranks top amongst us tight oil plays september 2015. Discussions here should be specifically related to this geographic area. Following is a list of map, lease, parcel and welloperator information for counties in the cline shale click here to order data or to get more information on the available parcel, lease, welloperator data for the cline shale map data parcel data texas kent texas scurry texas fisher texas howard texas mitchell texas nolan. These four distinct boundaries resulted in relatively restricted environmental conditions in the cline shale wright, 2011.

The beds dip gently westnorthwestward about 50 to 80 feet to the mile. The permian rocks belong to the lower part of the wichita group. The pennsylvanian rocks belong to three groups strawn, canyon, and cisco. The cline shale is a shale section between the strawn and also canyon sand. Geochemistry of formation waters from the wolfcamp and cline. The cline is predominately an organicrich shale interbedded with sand and silt. Rockgeology forotherusesofrock,seerockdisambiguation. Water from the permian wolfcamp and pennsylvanian cline shales. Cline shale overview maps geology counties shale experts. All appendices combined all pdf appendices as found below in one zipped package zip, 203 mb utica play book errata changes to the play book pdfs since 7152015 listed here. Samples from the cline shale are further enriched with nh 4, br, i and isotopically light b, sourced from the breakdown of marine kerogen in the unit. Economic geology, the university of texas at austin, 9 p.

Geology of the marcellus shale west virginia network. The permian basin of texas and new mexico is the most productive tight oil province in the united states, which at the time of writing this paper generates more than 2 million barrels of oil per day u. General contact 3100 mckinnon st, suite 800 dallas, texas 75201 telephone. Shale gas north americas economic turbocharger can. Outreach by the ou school of geology and geophysics to local k12 schools, halliburton. Draft report for dg jrc in the context of contract jrcptt2015f. Cline shale news, companies, maps, operators, counties. Front matter template the university of texas at austin. While the bakken experienced multiple small scale booms over the past 60 years, it was a horizontal well drilled in the elm coulee field by a partnership between lyco energy and halliburton that incited our modern boom.

For example, if a wells casing is not cemented3 correctly, or if a cement bond survey4 is faulty, a series of experts, including a cementing engineer or cement scientist,5 and a geologist,6 will need to demonstrate to the. Cline shale early in its development, the cline shale was hyped as the next eagle ford or bakken with more oil and gas than they have combined. Shale gas has been known about for decades the first commercial gas well in the united states was a devonian shale gas well drilled in 1821 near fredonia, ny. Shale is distinguished from other mudstones because it is fissile and laminated. Midland basin wolfcamp horizontal development greg wilson. The cline shale is an organicrich mudrock that was deposited in the midland. Shale gas coalbed methane tight gas nonassociated offshore alaska associated with oil nonassociated onshore 14 tcf 9 tcf 23 tcf conventional gas total natural gas from a 2004 tinker talk to the ipaa us natural gas 2004 forecast unconventional gas 1949 1955 1961 1967 1973 1979 1985 1991 1997 2003 2009 2015 0 5,000 10,000 15,000 20,000 25,000. It includes portions of coke, fisher, glasscock, howard, irion, nolan, mitchell, scurry and sterling counties.

The next largest shale oil plays are the bakken and eagle ford, which are assessed to hold approximately 3. The results suggest that extrabasinal detrital quartz, which accounts for an average of 26 vol. Right now, theres a lot excitement over different shale formations across texas and across the country. Precisely blending the best ingredients is the recipe for success 14th november 2017. Pdf georgia petroleum geologic link from the black sea to the. Kong, zhigang wu, yue liang, ting zhang, feng meng, xuyang lu, lin and yang, g. Multiple constraints from chospbsr isotopic compositions. The cline shale is more generally referred to as the lower wolfcamp shale. Cline shale pipeline system irion county, texas to colorado city, texas crude oil pipeline notice of binding open season background centurion pipeline l. The monterey shale play is the primary source rock for the conventional oil reservoirs found in the santa maria and san joaquin basins in southern california. Where is the cline shale counties, cline shale maps cline shale geology. This composition places shale in a category of sedimentary rocks known as mudstones. The cline is a basinrestricted facies specific to the midland basin, and is interpreted to have been deposited in a deep water environment by hemipelagic suspension and mass. Anticline exposed in road cut small syncline visible at far right.

Stratigraphy of pennsylvanian and lower permian rocks in. Regional stratigraphic and corebased characterization of. Technology and innovation are keys to success in tight oil. Geochemistry of formation waters from the wolfcamp and. The pennsylvanianage play, which is largely targeted for its oil and natural gas liquids ngl potential, is found between 9,0009,500 feet and is 200350 feet thick. The simultaneous production of the spraberry and wolfcamp shales led to the.

Centurion, a wholly owned subsidiary of occidental petroleum corporation, plans to construct a new crude oil pipeline system from the. So the drilling permits filed are listed under the last field name, so most of the cline shale or wolfcamp horizontal wells are listed as either spraberry trend area or garden city, s. Scott james is also collaborating with us on the project and has used our results to generate a numerical flow model of the reservoir interval. Sources of oreforming material for pbzn deposits in the sichuanyunnanguizhou triangle area. The role of shale gas in north american and global power. The pennsylvanianage play, which is largely targeted for its oil and natural gas liquids ngl. Share your experience regarding lease bonus offers, royalty rates, drilling activity, and general oil gas related news. The latest shale to pop up on the radar in texas is the cline shale, a formation in the permian basin mostly in scurry county, northeast of midlandodessa. Community news about the cline shale in west texas. Shale is a finegrained sedimentary rock that forms from the compaction of silt and claysize mineral particles that we commonly call mud.

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