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The biographical part takes liberties with its subject. The themes are so brilliantly dichotomous that they demand each viewer examine them closely to fully process them. How that iconic trailer saved the social network by marshall shaffer nov 6, 2019 the first 50 seconds does not feature a lick of footage from the film. As harvard student mark zuckerberg creates the social networking site that would become known as facebook, he is sued by the twins who claimed he stole their idea, and by the cofounder who was later squeezed out of the business. In analyzing the ethics of david finchers the social network, one must first start at the creation of the film, which is a film adaptation of ben mezrichs the accidental billionaires. Joe morgenstern in the wall street journal praised the film as exhilarating but noted.

Spout isnt the most polished film information site and social network on this list, but it is very complete. The film was released in the united states by columbia pictures on october 1, 2010. The social network was released in 2010 on friday, october 1, 2010 in 2,771 theaters. Drawn from multiple sources, the film captures the visceral thrill of the heady early days of a culturechanging phenomenon in the. It stars jesse eisenberg as founder mark zuckerberg, along with andrew garfield as eduardo saverin, justin timberlake as. Everything you need to know about the social network movie. Brenda song at an event for the social network 2010 jesse eisenberg and. There were 8 other movies released on the same date, including let me in, case 39 and barry munday. The social network is about the establishment of one very popular site, but because of the way it is done, the film is as personal as movies get. The story is broken up into eight 1015 minute sequences. A brilliant and brave investigation into the medical and scientific revolution taking place around psychedelic drugsand the spellbinding story of his own lifechanging psychedelic experiences. Look for the ways the camera tells, guides the story. Cb01 guardare film streaming altadefinizione su cineblog01. Mark jesse eisenberg is a harvard student who recently gets dumped by his girlfriend erica rooney mara.

The social network is filmmaking and storytelling of a high order, that shows the grand irony of a socially inept harvard student named mark zuckerberg who ended up creating one of the largest social phenomena of the twentyfirst century and love facebook or hate it, it most certainly is that. The social network garnered acclaim for its direction, screenplay, acting, editing, and score. The social network, with this flashback storytelling, becomes a compellingly watchable film that delivers on its massive prerelease hype. David finchers sublime contemporary biopic about facebooks founder mark zuckerberg, the social network 2010, is a fast paced kinetic film that ousts zuckerberg as a thief, scumbag, and jerk. How true is the scene where mark zuckerberg answers a.

I was never really interested in the drama of how facebook started, but now i. It was named one of the best films of the year by 78 critics, and named the best by 22 critics, the most of any film that year. The info it provides about movies isnt quite up to imdb levels, but as a social. The social network nuovo trailer ufficiale duration. Do you think your the ultimate fan of the movie the social network, starring jesse eisenberg and andrew garfield.

There may be a touch of aspergers syndrome in both. All this happy talk had the touts who predict movie grosses forecasting. After everything we have heard zuckerberg doing with facebook, the. Adapted from ben mezrichs 2009 book the accidental billionaires, it portrays the founding of social networking website facebook and the resulting lawsuits. The social network was right about facebook all along wired. Timberlake will play sean parker, the napster cofounder who became facebooks founding president. When it opened five years ago, people wondered how the social network would possibly work. The social network where to stream and watch decider. For the most part, all the writeups about the film were filled with cynicism and negativity. The movie is set during my first year teaching at harvard, and in fact there is a scene where im show. It is based in part on the fact that, in the early days of cinema, technical matters forced screenwriters to divide their stories into sequences, each the length of a reel about ten minutes. Facebook is making the leap from browser to big screen with the social network, the tale of mark zuckerberg and the controversial early days of the site 500 million. A resource focusing on promoting discussion around risky behaviour and issues relevant to.

Below are ten reasons that the social network is the most relevant movie of the 21st century so far. Shot through with emotional brutality and unexpected humor, this superbly crafted film chronicles the formation of facebook and the battles over. The social network, about mark zuckerberg and the knockabout beginnings of his creation, facebook, is a prime example of an oped movie. The ethics of the social network media ethics in the. Oscars best picture winners best picture winners golden globes emmys san diego comiccon new york comiccon sundance film festival toronto intl film festival awards central festival central all events. The social network 2010 is a very good film but im surprised it hasnt been crippled by a deluge of libel suits. David fincher and aaron sorkins new film about the founding of facebook, the social network, is an entertaining movie that anybody who cares about power, business, and the human need to matter. Wired may earn a portion of sales from products that are purchased through our site as part of our. I would rate this 55 stars great performances, great direction david fincher, i now officially forgive you for your part in alien. The social network is a 2010 american biographical drama film directed by david fincher and written by aaron sorkin. Watch according to greta film gorillas on dailymotion. Oscars best picture winners best picture winners golden globes emmys san diego comiccon new york comiccon sundance film festival toronto intl film festival awards central festival. David finchers the social network is the stunning tale of a new breed of cultural insurgent.

United states october 1, 2010 nationwide united kingdom october 15, 2010 united states january 7, 2011. Lets start off easy, who is mark zuckerbergs best friend what did mark get on the sats what is the name of the bar in that mark and erica are drinking at as the movie starts who is not one of marks roomates what is the website mark creates before facebook. The social network 2010 is a very good film but im surprised it hasnt. The social network is about a young man who possessed an uncanny ability to look into a system of unlimited possibilities and sense a winning move. The social network 2010 the worlds biggest socialmedia platform started as a combination of brains, luck, a willingness to screw over friends and an inability of college nerds to. With jesse eisenberg, andrew garfield, justin timberlake, rooney mara.

Trailer for the social network the social network follows mark zuckerberg, who created facebook in 2004 at harvard during his sophomore year. Facebook dalla sua nascita nel 2004 ai giorni nostri, i suoi fondatori e mark zuckerberg. The social network is wonderful entertainment, but its message is actually kind of evil. From director david fincher and screenwriter aaron sorkin comes the social network, a film that proves you dont get to 500 million friends without making a few enemies. Its not that the movie has any sort of didactic agenda, it just perfectly captures so many relevant ideas. This movie has the best promo ive ever seen for a film. A film guide that looks at the social network 2010, exploring its key topics and themes through informal discussion. A story about the founders of the social networking website, facebook. The social network is a 2010 american biographical drama film directed by david fincher and. The social network in theaters this october youtube. The social network, directed by david fincher and written by aaron sorkin, rushes through a coruscating series of exhilarations and desolations, triumphs and betrayals, and ends with what. Look for camera angles, cuts, how many times the camera switches view, the quality of light. Jesse eisenberg is tremendous as the fasttalking, hyperprogramming mark zuckerberg, the founder of facebook.

I finally got to see the social network, the new movie about the founding of facebook. Before watching the first time, slide the volume on the clip or on your computer all the way down. Angry, he goes back to his dorm and creates a website that rates harvard girls and their looks. A story about the founders of the socialnetworking website, facebook. The film moves between its settings enough not to get bogged down in one place at a time. The sequences serve as minimovies, each with their own compressed threeact structure. Director david finchers movie is not necessarily historically accurate, but its.

In 2004, a harvard undergraduate got an idea yes, that is ambiguous for a new kind of social network. In social network, why does mark need the phoenix club mailing list. His name is mark zuckerberg, he created facebook, he became a billionaire in his early 20s, and he reminds me of the chess prodigy bobby fischer. The star of the social network, now you see me and the forthcoming ecoterrorism thriller night moves plus a certain batman v superman movie was with us to answer your questions about his. Impeccably scripted, beautifully directed, and filled with fine performances, the social network is a riveting, ambitious example of modern filmmaking at its. Lockdown special best modern comedic movie scenes part 1 duration. This was my first time watching the social network movie and its a movie that brings up a lot of interesting points. Of course, it did work, but there are quite a few interesting facts about how. Its tagline of you dont make 500 million friends without making a few enemies is perfect. Matt welsh, the actual professor in that scene, writes. California film commission special thanks as the state of california and the california film commission camera revolution libra technician chapmanleonard studio equipment camera dollies uncredited. As harvard student mark zuckerberg creates the social networking site that. Before the films release, controversy surrounding the film as facebook ceo first refused to see the film, then denied claims made by the film.

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