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Weight averages 110 pounds 50 kg, but sometimes as much as 150 pounds 68 kg. This is a fantastic corsican ram taxidermy shoulder mount, posed with its head in a semiupright position, looking slightly to its left side out into the room. In addition to high fence elk hunts we are also the premiere hog hunting ranch in the state of colorado. Lone star rams is dedicated to the continued improvement of trophy genetics. Sheep taxidermy for sale mounted corsican ram head sw3778. Forister exotics corsican ram hunts the habitat and terrain at forister exotics affords hunters the ability to safari style hunt from the hunting rigs, hunt from a modern comfortable blind, or even engage in a good old fashion spot and stalk hunt for your trophy corsican ram. This section contains links to movement record books for sheep, goats, female cattle and male cattle in pdfexcel file format cattle records or. Measuring 207 28 inches, the ram topped the boone and crockett world record book for 41 years 1924 1965. Just take it to your local taxidermist for them to fillit out. Lets take a look at what needs to go into a record keeping program. Texas hunt lodge has recently hunted the pending new world record corsican sheep with horns over 40 in length. Thompson realized a need for competition among exotic hunters as well as recognition for the really great exotic. For example, if a point measures 7 and 28 inches, you would enter 7 28 in the space provided.

We specialize in trophy estate elk hunting in western colorado. Record what is important to you or what you will use. The corsican ram is the most hunted exotic in the united states and have been been hunted here at the tioga ranch for more then 40 years. The sci record book of big game animals uses scis unique allinclusive record keeping system, the most used system in the world, to document our hunting heritage. Transcaspian urial trophy ram hunts texas considered by some to be the most beautiful of the worlds wild sheep.

It takes several years for these rams to reach trophy length. Two nights lodging, guide and guide fees, and use of a. The horn can be tight curled, or sometimes you will find a wide flare. How to measure sheep horns for scis record book youtube. Breeders of black hawaiian sheep,black hawaiian,exotic sheep,horned sheep,corsican sheep,large horn genetics on rams,big horn rams, painted desert sheep,registered painted desert sheep,sheep,blackbelly sheep,big horned blackbelly sheep,texas dall sheep,red texas dall rams,red texas dall ewes,sandoah acher flock,floral,plants,dried floral,twigs,willow twigs,dried flowers,wreaths,twig wreaths. There are no seasonal restrictions on hunting for the texas grand slam in texas, which makes this a. The hide and lovely black and brown hair are both in terrific condition, while the horns achieve an sci score of 88 28. The roe scoring system and record book was originated in 1976 by thompson temple of ingram, texas. A ram of this quality could be compared to a whitetail scoring 150. Live sale trophy rams tx dall black hawaiian corsican re. Texas slam the taking of a corsican ram, mouflon ram, texas dall ram, and hawaiian black ram. Safariworks taxidermy sales carries a large selection of sheep, exotic goats, and deer. Silvertines signature species, corsican sheep silvertines signature species, now starting in 20 we will have available some of the largest black bellied corsican rams in all of north america.

A trophy aoudad will usually have horns measuring 30 inches from base to tip. There are 6 types of rams to choose from corsican, mouflon, white texas dall, black hawaiian, rambo and new zealand goat. Males are very aggressive among one another and butt heads vigorously. Checks are accepted for deposit 14 days prior to hunt. Designs by nature to create a classic drawing room in your own corner of the world, hang these dramatic curling corsican sheep ram horns for a touch of the. Corsican ram hunting texas hunt lodge texas hunt lodge. This ram has a terrific set of horns, measuring 32 18 and 33 18 in length around the curls. In 1984, qualifying entries into the record book were divided into bronze, silver, and gold categories, according to score.

The hunt is similar as a typical white tail deer hunt except for rams. Enter fractional figures in eighths, without reduction. We currently focus our breeding program on texas dall and black hawaiian trophies. Contact us today to book your next hunting adventure. Corsican sheep which are directly bred from wool lines and include only horned rambouilet, merino, or navajo churro, wool sheep parent breeds, must completely shed and additional pictures showing the completely shed sheep may be required for. Thompson realized a need for competition among exotic hunters as well as recognition for the really great exotic trophies taken in the united states.

We have the very best selection of trophy texas dall rams, trophy black hawaiian rams, trophy corsican rams, and trophy mouflon rams to be found anywhere in the world. The corsican sheep, or corsican ram, is probably the most hunted of all the exotics in the united states. Corsican rams are hybrid sheep that originated in texas around the same time as the texas dall sheep. As the name implies these rams have the black underbelly, inside of the legs, the back part of the thighs, and the hair inside the ears.

Trophy game records of the world recognizes airguns crosman. This is the story of a corsican criminal family in south east well, one is not going to learn much about corsica from this book. We have multiple corsican rams currently which are pending world records. The corsican is a hybrid sheep that began its history in texas about 40 years ago. All rams are raised on our ranch free of disease and parasites. Texas ram slam hunt texas hunt lodge texas hunt lodge. Trophy ram hunts texas record class hunting lucky 7.

Native to the west indies, the barbados sheep crossed with the mouflon a long time ago in texas, has created the blackbelly corsican ram. By far the most popular corsican ram coloration pattern. We currently have access to a few rare trophy corsican sheep or texas barbado as we call them, with varied horn directions and size including black hawaiian sheep, texas dall sheep and painted desert sheep. The records of exotics scoring system and book was originated in 1976. Nor about the secret war in laos or the american war in vietnam during which most of this pulpy and long 560 pages title is set. According to valdez and nadler, whose classification is followed here, the red sheep is a hybrid between the armenian mouflon ovis gmelini gmelini and the transcaspian urial o. Different sizes and prices of rams are located on different ranches. Trophy record book ram top 5 in book texas hunting. The corsican is a diverse species, generally brown in color with a black or white underbody. Trophy ram hunts texas record class hunting lucky 7 exotics. All measurements must be made with a flexible 14 inch steel tape or cable to the nearest oneighth 18 of an inch. The tioga ranch offers affordable professionally fully guided hunting packages for corsican rams year round, 7 days a week. The coloration is solid black throughout except for a white muzzle.

Check out our hunt rams available on the left side of the screen. Also in 1984, special awards were originated for the texas slam. Texas red sheep facts and information male shoulder height 2932 inches 7481 cm. Two nights lodging, guide and guide fees, and use of a walkin cooler. Due to start lambing late april and can go until june. Exotic hunting for axis deer, blackbuck antelope, pure mouflon sheep, and other species. All measurements must be made with a 14inch wide flexible steel tape to the nearest oneeighth of an inch. Corsican sheep must consist of 18th or less of parent wool breeds and meet all other breed standards. The horns grow up, out, down and back out with 25 inch or more curls on record book rams. Record books are considered to be the epitome of encyclopedias of big game animals and may be purchased individually. Butte author pens bighorn sheep book giant rams of montana jan 31, 2019 john timmer reeves of butte has one thing in common with most authors. Corsican sheep exotic hunts canada, silvertine wildlife co. Heather and dave spotted the ram from a distance and stalked within range. This is a great texas dall white corsican ram shoulder taxidermy mount, posed with its head in an upright position, looking slightly to the viewers left out into the room.

Home of the world record black hawaiian and corsican rams featured in safari club international sci, trophy game records tgr, and record of exotics roe we raise some of the largest black hawaiian and corsican sheep rams in the world. There are several color variations to choose from when hunting a corsican sheep. The islands of hawaii have black sheep with reddish wool that range in their mountains. The males usually have a 3 to 8 mane on their lower neck. Their horns are very massive and some horn lengths have been recorded to reach over 40 inches. Professionally guided corsican ram hunts exotic ram.

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